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Luminosity (Hand-Embellished)


Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Cotton Rag

Limited Edition: 10

Size: 26″ x 18″

Description: Signed & numbered by Sonny

Year: 2020

Sold out

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Bringing color to our oceans, the heart of our planet. Through this piece titled ‘Luminosity’ Sonny conveys how grey and lifeless the ocean would be without the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. As the majestic humpback whale glides through the water it brings with it vibrant and glowing splashes of color that offer a glimmer of hope for these beautiful giants of the seas.

Whales, and other sea creatures, are greatly threatened by plastic pollution, not only by ingesting pieces of trash but also due to the build-up of toxic chemicals from plastic, litter, and oil spills in their systems, which seriously affects their health and fertility.

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