The second instalment of Sonny’s global mural tour, To The Bone was painted as part of the Cambridge International Street Art Festival in Canada and aims to raise awareness of the brutal trophy hunting of grizzly bears, which may threaten their long-term survival.

Although grizzly bears have been saved from the brink of extinction in North America, they are still threatened by a brutal trophy hunt in British Columbia. Scientists say there are about 15,000 grizzlies left in British Columbia, but that number could be as low as 6,000 and many scientists are concerned that killing over 300 of these majestic animals every year may threaten their long-term survival!

That’s why Sonny’s conservation partner, IFAW, together with The Northern Lights Wildlife Society and in collaboration with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, are working to give orphaned grizzly bears a second chance.

Through Sonny’s mural he hopes to drive home the message that grizzly bears are worth far more alive than dead. They are essential to British Columbia’s rain forest ecosystem, distributing fertiliser through the forests. Not to mention that eco-tourism is far more lucrative than trophy hunting.

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