To The Bone | New York

Sonny officially launches his To The Bone project with this 10-meter-high mural of a majestic lion, that looks down over the streets of Lower Manhattan.  Music by: Desert Mountain Tribe

To The Bone | Canada

The second instalment of Sonny’s global mural tour, was painted in Canada and aims to raise awareness of the brutal trophy hunting of grizzly bears, which may threaten their long-term survival.

To The Bone | Russia

Sonny paints a giant Amur Leopard in Vladivostok, Russia to raise awareness for these beautiful animals. With only 80 left in the wild, they are one of the world’s most endangered big cats! This mural was supported by IFAW Russia and the Russian NGO, Far Eastern Leopards. Music by: Mumiy Troll

To The Bone | Ireland

This mural was painted for Waterford Walls in Ireland as a part of Sonny’s To The Bone project, a global mural tour to raise awareness for endangered wildlife. With multiple threats, such as poaching, habitat loss, conflict with humans and overhunting of their prey species, there are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild.
Music by: Katie Kim

To The Bone | Lanseria

For this mural, Sonny managed to gain access into an airplane graveyard, filled with dilapidated D6 aircrafts. His mural shows a herd of running wildebeest, emerging from the dusty African plains.