Sonny’s more recent paintings, explore themes of tribal connection and ancient wisdoms. Switching mediums from acrylics to oil paints has allowed him the space to explore a variety of exciting new techniques, incorporating abstract and urban qualities into his strikingly realistic portraits.


Oil on canvas
1800mm x 1400mm


Oil on canvas
1200mm x 1000mm


Oil on canvas
1200mm x 1000mm


Oil on canvas
1500mm x 2000mm


Oil on canvas
1400mm x 2100mm


'To The Bone' brings us face-to-face with the power and profound beauty of a wild world on the brink of extinction

Sonny’s first body of gallery work saw him exhibit a series of ten paintings in a New York-based solo show titled, ‘To The Bone’. The work explored the landscape of the fast-approaching demise of our world’s wildlife and how it’s intrinsically tied to humanity’s own ability to thrive. Each canvas is painted using acrylics and spray paint, on handmade wooden boxes (1200mm x 1000mm).

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The exhibition artwork is closely linked to Sonny’s global mural tour under the same name, which saw him create large-scale murals of endangered wildlife in the streets of South Africa, Russia, Ireland, England, Canada, The Netherlands, Miami and New York. By bringing some of the world’s most iconic and endangered animals into urban environments, Sonny hoped to rekindle a long-forgotten connection to the wild.

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